How to properly setup Velocity based damage in VR?

To my understanding, you can only get velocity from things Simulating Physics but the problem is that components held by the VR hands or attached to character meshes are not Simulating Physics. I’m using a very clunky workaround method where I have collision spheres (or other shapes) attached to the actual mesh with physics constraints, having those collision objects Simulate Physics and taking the velocity values from those. This is far from ideal and doesn’t always work.

Does anyone have a proper solution to integrating velocity based damage?


Just a guess but Maybe you could find the code in the robo recall modkit download, as it has throwing and hitting stuff already done.

You can calculate the velocity in World Coordinates of any actor On Tick as:

(World Location at this frame - World Location at the previous frame) / Delta Time

I’ll try that out and get back to you.

That’s a good idea.

This is the method we use and it works very well.