How to properly convert a runtime font with chinese characters in an offline font?

Hi all,

I have a font that contains latin and chinese characters. If I import it into Unreal Engine 4.13 and use it as a runtime font both type of characters are displayed properly:

I want to use the font with a text rendered actor so I’ll need to make it an offline font but doing so chinese character are not displayed anymore:

Is there something I’m missing or anything else I need to do in order to be able to display chinese characters?

Looks like it’s needed to create the wildcard text file with the chinese character on it and set the file path and file wildcard fields. After that I was able to write on chinese properly.

I’m having the same issue - how did you get the wildcard characters to work? I set path + file to a wildcards.txt, but no matter what I type in that file, it’s ignored and all characters are imported.

When typing e.g. “abc” directly into the “chars” field (instead of using a wildcards.txt), it works, and only these three characters are imported. If I paste some chinese characters in there though, they are not imported (only squares with X in them). Though the font definitely supports them, as they are displayed when I paste them in the preview text input field when setting the font to runtime instead of offline.

I just set the path field to the path of the .txt and the file field to the name of it (so let’s say for example my wildard is in C:Desktop\Project\example.txt, then path = “C:Desktop\Project” and file = “example.txt”) and after that I wrote on the .txt the chinese words I wanted to use on my project (I did it this way because looks like you can repeat characters and it only imports them once) and it worked.

Make sure you’re not using the Unicode Range settings. Both directly typing in Chars or setting a Chars File with Chars File Path and Chars File Wildcard should work.

Thanks, I managed to get the characters imported. But there are way too many to fit on one page, and as I understand multiple pages are not supported for distance field fonts?