How to properly build/distribute your game without dependency problems VCRUNTIME140_1.dll

I want to know how to build my game properly so that it does not complain about external dependencies. I have tried every configuration I can think of including doing both development and shipping builds, checking the Full Rebuild and For Distribution options under the Project tab, checking include app-local prerequisites under the Prerequisites tab. I then zipped it up and sent it to my friend who does not have visual studio installed or any of the c++ stuff and it complains about VCRUNTIME140_1.dll which prevents the game from starting. I am using UE4 version 4.23.0 downloaded through the launcher.

As far as I know, there are many games made with UE4 that have been released and do not have this problem. The same friend and I have played Satisfactory together which I know is made with UE4 and he does not have this issue.

If you require any other information, just ask.

there’s an option to include prerequisites installer in the packaging section.
Try enabling that option and installing that installer

I have that checked and he tried running it, but it does not install VCRUNTIME140_1.dll. he said he was still getting the same problem.

what directX version you are using?

  1. Try using lowest possible and tell him to update to latest directX
  2. try building with OPENGL
    you can find these setting in WINDOWS section of platforms setting in project settings

So I believe this issue comes from targeting windows 64 bit as the platform. I built for 32 bit and its no longer an issue.

Building for 32 bit windows fixed my issue instead of 64 bit.

Edit: I believe this issue stems from Visual Studio 2019 toolchain. I switched to VS 2017 and now I am able to build for 64 bit Windows without it complaining about VCRUNTIME140_1.dll.