How to proper LOD Foliage Meshes?

Hey there. Can someone tell me how to LOD grass/foliage properly?

What is the common workflow for this?
I tried using Plane Meshes, but the Opacity Mask is always blurry, making the grass look washed out.

Even with simple Planar Meshes (2 Quads two sided), the Render Time explodes:

My Material shouldn’t be too complex, either:

Any advice?

I believe using plane meshes with opacity masks is the best/most common way to lod grass, not sure though :confused:
maybe you’re having a wrong compression setting for your opacity mask texture?!? or you might be able to achieve a better visual quality by playing around with its mipmap settings?! but like I said, I’m not really sure about that…

let me know if you found a solution! :slight_smile: