How to prohibit building in an icy place

In the first screenshot, you can put a wall, but I need to prohibit it as in the second screenshot

Hey EagleBro277,

This may not be the best way, but in the Props settings you can set the Building Bounds - Dynamic Building Placement Type to Destroy Anything that Colides, it blocks being able to place a build on that prop

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I tried to do it, but it didn’t work. Nevertheless, thanks for the advice

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Yes, I recently realised surrounding props will still give an attachement point and allow building.

In another post mvhammer, changes the Building Attachment Slot settings, try setting it to Slot NONE

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It didn’t work for me.

I was thinking maybe a Barrier Device,
the player build could be attaching to the grid floor,

if you make a barrier say 8 units high, and put it at floor level under the arch.
which is Barrier Height 0.015625
Barrier Width 1 (maybe slightly less if it affects neighbours)
and Barrier Depth 0.0625

remove the barrier material &
uncheck Shrink to Allow Building

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Then I would need more than 100 Barrier Devices for my idea. I decided to just use objects that cannot be built in by default.

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