how to preview 2 materials at the same time ?

as 3ds max users we used to copy the material to another slot and make the the little small adjustment
and preview both material simultaneously , so we can tell which one is better .

is there a way to do this in ue4 ?

like this

Hello ammarshow,

What you can do is right click and make a duplicate of the material. From there you can open them both on the same screen, or my preference, on dual monitors.

The other way to do something like this is right click your material and choose to make a Material Instance. Within your original material you can add constant values to different inputs, like multiply, and then turn these constants into parameters. This is done by right clicking on the constant and choosing to create parameter. Once you do this, and apply, they will be values that you can adjust within you material instance.

This is the documentation on the material instances.

thank you very much for the answer though i have to say it is exactly what i don’t want to do , i wish if there is something simpler.

i just find a nice solution for my question

press F9 in the material editor and u will get PrintScreen shot , it will be saved automatically in the ScreenShot Folder ,
make the teaks u want in the material and press F9 again ,

now explore to the ScreenShot Folder and u can easily preview the pictures with Acdsee or whatever software u use .