How to prevent UMG button from handling inputs

I have bound an input in my player controller like so

InputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Pressed, this, &ATouchPlayerController::TouchStarted);
InputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Released, this, &ATouchPlayerController::TouchStopped);
InputComponent->BindTouch(IE_Repeat, this, &ATouchPlayerController::TouchMoved);

This is used for handling various actions like moving character, camera rotation, swipe, double tap, etc…

I want to place a fire button in my widget. but this button when pressed, will not let my player controller to receive touch inputs anymore.

I want the button to receive touch inputs but let the player controller to receive same input as well. simply pass it through. how can I achieve this? (how should I override button class?)


APlayerController::SetInputMode gives you control over this.

use either FInputModeGameAndUI / FInputModeGameOnly / FInputModeUIOnly

In Blueprints it would look like this

Hope this helps