How to prevent SteamVR screen from coming up during LoadLevelStream

As the title suggests, whenever I load a level for streaming it drops out to the steam VR basic screen (you know, the one with the grid lines and shows where the sensors are).
It’s seriously messing with the immersion. I recognise that its happening for the user’s protection, and because the cpu or gpu is being maxed out.
So, is there a way I can slow down the load process of the Load streming level node, or use a splash screen in a way that doesn’t pull me out of the game.

For some more context, at the moment my game is built like this:
Level X is a lift. → permanent level.
Level A and B are under this,

I want the user to be in level A, go in and close the lift, unload level A, and then load level B, open lift door, explore level B etc.

There’s no problem until it loads level B.
So I want to be able to see the inside of the lift during the loading process in order to increase immersion.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!