How to posses an AI Enemy?

So I have a game where you would be able to posses enemies and use their abilities. (Similar to Mario Odyssey)
Some enemies chase you and attack you, however when I do go to possessing them and then leave their body, they stop chasing you around when spotted. I want to figure out how I can actually fix this so that they will still be able to chase you when spotted even after you leave their body. The first picture is the blueprint used on the enemy and the second is used for the player character. This is on the ThirdPersonCharacter Base and the enemy still have all of the movement blueprints because it is duplicated from the TPC.

Have a look here: How to Repossesee by AI - AI - Unreal Engine Forums
after spawnDefaultController you need to getAiController or getController and feed that into posess:


Event BeginPlay is here of course the wrong place, but I had that image ready from Pawn will not move on spawn even when Auto Possess AI is set to "Placed or Spawned" - AI - Unreal Engine Forums

When a pawn is possessed, what is ‘taking over’ is a controller. So, when you possess an AI, your own playercontroller is assigned to it so that you can move around. When you leave the AI, it still has the playercontroller, so you need to set it’s default controller back so that it can move. Add “Spawn Default Controller” node after your possess inside the AI BP.