How to - player1 spectate player0 on spawn?

I’m having trouble finding anywhere of how to get Player1 to spectate Player0’s view on spawn, is there a way do do this in Blueprints?

If there isn’t a way to do that, is there a way to replicate inputs of Player0 to Player1 so I can make a pawn that follows Player0’s view?

Or replicate Player0’s WorldLocation and Rotation and updates Player1’s every Tick

Thank you.


The [Set View Target with Blend][1] node should get you what you need. If you can get a reference to other player character and use a reference to your own player controller, you can easily set view to other player. A real simple test I ran for this with 2 players was as follows:

From within Character BP, this finds other player:

Then this toggles view between characters:

Obviously this can be used in better ways, but this simple test should get you started in right direction. Hope it helps!

Thanks that’s pretty much what I was looking for.

Though I am having trouble with getting rotation of ThirdPersonTemplate Character_BP Camera. I seem to only be getting movement input and not look input.

I did do something different to get location and camera rotation (picture attached, graph is same up to your SET-OtherCharacter- as my SET-PlayerGM-), but am suspecting to be rather unnessesarily network heavy as it’s quite choppy, though I could limit tick frequency and interpolate smoothly between each step.

Is using Set View Target wtih Blend more bandwith friendly?

I’m making this to DM a D&D / other Pen & Paper games online, and it’s convienent for everyone to know exactly whats basic environment is like. I want DM be camera for everyone so players can’t fly off and know environment ahead.

I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like with this setup you’re trying to move actual player pawns to location of Player GM on tick? I’m not surprised this is laggy, since you’re doing quite a lot of communication between clients and server on tick, which is inadvisable. To answer your question specifically, I am guessing that reason rotation doesn’t match is because you’re changing Control Rotation, but pawn itself isn’t set to match control rotation.

Using Set View Target with Blend is going to be much better for networking, as well as being much simpler to set up with fewer side effects.

Another possibility, though I haven’t tested, is to have each player character spawn a camera actor in level and attach each of them to Player GM. This way they should move where GM is, but maintain individual rotation. Then you can have each player Set View Target to one of cameras, and implement their own control over its rotation. Not sure how network efficient that would be, though I don’t expect it would be if set up correctly. Not sure if that’s what you’d want, either =P