How to Play stereoscopic(!) 360 video in VR and on 3D monitor

Hey guys,

Using UE4.19 I’d like to play back native stereoscopic clips(meaning distinct / different, separate left & right eye videostreams) for stereoscopic monitors as well as 360 stereoscopic videos for VR.

I’m familiar with the concept for VR of creating a sphere and projecting/assigning the video as a texture.
As far as I understand that works for 2D, monoscopic video output fine but how can I “tell the engine” that there are two separate videostreams that are supposed to be playing only for their correct,respecitve eye at the same time at the same spatial position ?

I’m fairly new to Unreal Engine and even though I can write in C++ I prefer at the moment to use Blueprints.
thanks for your help!