How to play sounds in Matinee?

I am wondering how I play sounds through a matinee. I have a few voice recordings I would like to play through the matinee once I turn it into an AVI. I know how to do it through blueprints where I use soundcues but when I finish the matinee and get the AVI the blueprints won’t affect it. So I am wondering how to play sounds without blueprints in Matinee.

Are you sure you dont get the sound when you record the AVI? You should be able to get the sound information as well during recording whether it is in Matinee or BP.

Well I hadn’t tried it lol I just assumed that it wouldn’t work. What I want is for the audio files to be played at certain times so how would I do that through a level blueprint. Also if this works what does a sound track do in Matinee?

Matinee’s sound track is useful only if you are creating a cinematic sequence. However a BP setup can be used whenever and wherever you like and gives more flexibility. For instance, if you just have a background music or voice overs specific for a cinematic sequence, then go with Matinee; for footsteps, ambient sound effects, weapon sounds use BP. So in the end Matinee records both sound source.

Okay so I want to use blueprints to play my sounds but I am not sure how about doing so. I want my blueprint when its for example 20 seconds in play the audio file. How would I go about doing this?

Use an Event Track in Matinee. :slight_smile:

Okay thanks, should I create a new group for the event track or should I put it in my director group or camera group. Also should I have a new event track for every event or can I reuse with having multiple keys. So when one event happens it doesn’t trigger all of my sounds

It doesnt matter where you create it really. And you need only one, every key frame gives you an event output.

thanks a lot, I think this should be my final question. When the event is played how in blueprints can I find that event to play the sound?

Select the Matinee actor you created and then open Level Blueprint > Right click on the canvas > Add MatineeController. You can interact with Matinee only in Level Blueprint so thats another limitation of Matinee i should have mentioned.

thanks for everything I think everything is going to work out now

Okay one more problem lol, how are the events fired, it seems when I play my matinee once it reaches the event it just passes through there without triggering anything in my blueprints.

Hmm, can you show me your BP setup? It works just fine when i set something like this;


Matine actor is set to play on level load and loop, so it prints Hello every 5 seconds whenever i play or simulate.

it is a terrible mess lol, I want for there to be a delay between each dialog but instead of having many events I just used one and a ton of delays.


incase it bugs out the link is Imgur: The magic of the Internet

okay so I think I figured out the problem, you said in your last message that the matinee starts when you press play in the editor, I haven’t figured out how to play the matinee when the level begins so I have just been pressing play in the matinee actor window, do I need to press play in editor for the events to properly fire?

okay I figured out how to play it when the world starts using Event Begin Play, but when I play my matinee the matinee doesn’t actually start it is just the same as without Event Begin Play. When I also play my matinee I have to lock my camera to the camera group for it to work properly. Should it be automatic?

Select the Matinee actor then look the the Details panel on the right side. There you’ll see those play and loop tickboxes. Enable them and play or simulate to see if it works.

Edit: You can use a print string node like i did to test.

As you can tell I am not very good at this and its a lot more work that I imagined it to be. I haven’t used a print string node before but I think I set it up for it to work. I have the event begin play node connected to play matinee and then into the print string node, I can see through the blueprints window that the links are being used but I can’t see where the print string outputted

It’s fine. It is pretty easy actually, just needs a bit of practice.

Print String prints to the screen. Connect the print screen to the event output(named Sounds in your setup) of your Matinee node, and then play or simulate the actual game and you’ll see Hello appearing on the left hand corner of the screen every time that event occurs.

Your sound nodes setup looks like something that can be made in a simpler fashion, btw. Are those repeating sounds like footstep or water droplets or something? And are you using them for a skeletal mesh animation.