How to play a different sound at various distance levels (eg for a gunshot)?

I want to create a gunshot sound system, with say 3 distance levels. At a near 0cm up to mid_low_threshold distance the normal sound will be played. then at medium distances another sound will be played and at higher distances up to a max distance threshold another sound will be played (possibly with proper attenuation added in depending on distance.) At a distance higher than the max the sound will not be audible at all.

I don’t know how to implement this or if it is even possible. If anybody knows kindly help, please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I think you’re looking for “crossfade by distance”. It selects the sound to play based on the distance. As for the attenuation you can add a “attenuation” node between each sound to play and the “crossfade by distance” node.