How to Place materials w/ custom Normals to objects.

I was just wandering if I could place individual normal maps that go to the object, for soft edges, with the custom normals for that object, and then add a stand alone material on top of that (Where I can use that material a lot more, instead of doing a atlas texture, or other)


Why don’t you make your Normal map a TextureParameter, so you if you instance the material you are able to assign a unique texture for each instance type?

I could do that for all materials, and not just normal maps, but for the whole material, but it doesn’t do much performance wise, as I’m doing 75 player servers, thats high intensive… So I need the most out of performance. So other suggestions, or if I’m wrong… Then ya know, help please.

Thanks for reply, cheers.

I’m not sure if that matters, I don’t think the server would care about rendering, dedicated servers do not even render graphics at all. Of course I could be wrong and it has some effects, but I don’t have a better idea, sorry.

Have you looked into Layered Materials? Unfortunately, they are anything but cheap:

I meant client side…It doesn’t do anything performance wise… Meaning players with bad computers can’t play.