How to pixelate/tile noise in a material?

So i currently have a black material with a series of noise patterns moving in multiple directions to create constantly changing emission. I want to figure out how to make this pixelated or tiled. So that it creates a series of tiles that will constantly change colors and brightness. I do not want the “pixels” or tiles to move around just change color dependent on the noise I had created. I found how to add a UV to a texture to make it pixelated, but I have no idea how to incorporate this into the material I am working with.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m actually trying to do the same thing but I can’t get it. I figured out how to apply it to a texture, then multiply the color by the texture, but that seems to only apply to the texture, not the color.

For instance:


I cant figure out how to apply it to the color lerps for the depth fields. :frowning: