How to - Perlin Noise Terrain Generation

I’ve been exploring the web, looking for tutorials on getting started with procedural terrain generation using Perlin, Voronoi, etc. I’ve found that Perlin seems to be a good place to start. However, im struggling to find resources that actually explore implementation in UE4. Many talk about the theory of procedural terrain, but rarely do any actually cover building the classes or blueprints that generate the terrain. A commonly mentioned one is :

However, while this covers some of the code, im still heavily unsure of how to ‘start’ building this.

Does anyone know of any resources, tutorials, or guides that would show the early setup of a procedural terrain generation system using Perlin Noise, or a similar procedural generation effect?

I’m on the same path … I’ve been trying to build terrain with mesh component and perlin for days but all I find is a paid plugin in the marketplace …

Why don’t you learn to use Perlin and Voronoi in a few landscape materials first? Then in Blueprints, apply what was learned to developing a procedural system. Something simple to start, with one or two of the materials made of Perlin noise. I think you’ll waste time looking for a comprehensive tutorial or guide on how to do an entire procedurally generated terrain system. You would need to get several tutorials to cover each aspect of building the system, which is also a laborious and inefficient approach to learning since it requires viewing the tutorials and guides and determining if it all fits within the criteria you’re looking for, which is before you actually know exactly what to look for. I’ve spent lots of time looking up tutorials on YouTube, in the Unreal learning portal and docs, and in the forums attempting to discover detailed guides and tutorials…and almost always it’s a case of getting knowledge in pieces from what is actually available. And then it primarily translates to knowledge over all that time, and I didn’t acquire the experience I needed from simply doing things in Unreal Engine. So, use the docs, tutorials, and any guides to learn things that are not obvious, such as how to create a terrain material and apply it to a terrain. Look things up while working in the engine, and try not to let it hinge on one or two massive tutorials / guides that cover almost everything.

I’ll send a few links I discovered about perlin noise and voronoi, though you may have seen them already. I simply need to search for them again. I could also post any relevant youtube video links here regarding terrain / procedural landscape generation, if you’re interested.