How to pass interface ref as function parameter

Hello! How can I create Blueprint Implementable Event with Interface ref? I want it to have data type the same type as in the picture:


I’ve tryed this option:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, BlueprintCallable, Category = "GlueHelper")
	TArray<AActor*> GetAllActorsOfInterface(const TScriptInterface<IInterface> &interfaceName);

But here is what I’ve got:


It has a type of interface, but not of class.

you dont implement a interface by making a variable. you gotta go to the bp which needs to implement the interface and on the details panel of that bp(if you dont see the details panel or cant find what im gonna talk about click on class defaults on top). and then there will be a list of implemented interface. you can add your own interface in that list.

Interfaces will also be inherited if you inherit a BP.

here is a wiki page if you didnt understand what i said: Implementing Blueprint Interfaces | Unreal Engine Documentation

P.S: the above wiki page uses level blueprint as a example, u can use any other bp aswell.

and i dont remember but i think you can get all class implementing a specific interface aswell and you can also use a reference to check whether it implements a interface or not. just search for it using the bp nodes.