How to - particle not to respawn

So, my need is a niagara’s particles with no respawning, I want to reuse the particles over and over without them changing. Is there an easy or c++ way. Thanks for any help.

It’s not quite clear what you mean by “reusing particles”, but I don’t think they “respawn” per se, some get destroyes and new ones get spawned.

What you see in the Niagara editor (particles disappearing when the timeline jumps back to 0) is not happening when you place the Niagara System into the level, if that’s what you mean. The particles pertain.

So, if you want the particles not to get destroyed, you should set their lifetime to 0 (that’s how they won’t die of old age), and set a proper collision for the particles not to leave the level through walls or whatnot (I personally couldn’t make it work with Niagara. Collision there is still quite raw, as for me. E.g. I spawned a continuous wave of particles that were hitting a wall, and if I looked directly at the point of impact, about 90% of the particles were hit and destroyed, but when I looked at the same wall from the other side, not seeing the impact point directly, about 90% of the particles went through. Some kind of particles superposition that depends on the observer’s point of view).

Or am I getting it wrong? If you could elaborate on the “reusing” part it could get clearer what exactly you want to do.

Set to 0. Usually, it’s -1.

So my goal is to make an Euler liquid pressure simulation using color and particle sprites with hight. Some dynamic inputs and particle behavior is not an issue, but if I set the particles.lifetime to 0 they disappier. And I just need to keep them until player leaves the level.
P.S. Oh, I understand how you react to niagara’s collision, it’s too raw, but at least something!

I found that I can set the lifetime to 8M and I will be fine

It’s not supported at least I haven’t found any feature that can make them immortal. Just make the lifetime number bigger. But the timer will continue ticking (pretty sad about it). Hopefully they will add this feature later