How to- Particle effect attached to player

Hi guys. Rpg project. I have some health pickups in the scene. When the player grabs one, a particle system should be played simulating some red health effect or whatever. The problem is, of course that if you move the player, the particle effect will not move with it… so my question is obvious. How to make the particle effect to be attached to the player, and not only that, that it moves along with it? thanks in advance.


I’m guessing you’re using blueprints? Did you have a look at spawn emitter attached?
cf: Spawn Emitter Attached | Unreal Engine Documentation

also: How the heck does 'Spawn Emitter Attached' work? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Oh well. Nah, i didnt try with that node. I saw it a bunch of times, but i totally forgot about it :s i alwasy ended using the regular spawn at location… will try again, thanks for the reminder.