How to paint on mesh?

I need help with the best way to let the player paint on a mesh.

Something like this but without the stencil and motion controls.

This is what I got so far using a black circle decal and its what I need but I’m not sure if this is the best way of doing it.

There is a TUT out there for this, I will see if I can find it.


Thank you! Check it out now.

I’m sorry this is my fault. I meant how to let the player paint on a mesh.

Nah, my bad. I miss read. Sorry

I just changed it. Thanks tho.

Could you use a line trace, get location and put a decal there?


Had a little go at it and it works. Just got to speed up the shooting.

I used these 2 Tuts. With the second one, instead of spawning an emitter, I spawned a decal.

thanks again.

Here is the Decals I’m working with. I should have put all this information up first. My fault again.

This is what I had at first. I guess the real question I’m asking is, is it okay to spawn so many decals and never give them a lifespan?

But when you spawn, you can set lifespan.

Test it out. Find a way to view your frame rate, and go nuts on a huge wall. Go over the top, see how much it affects your FPS.


I don’t want to so the image will stay on the mesh but if the player use too many decals by drawing something more detail will that kill performance?

Ok I try that.

The only issue I had, was they started to disappear after awhile, event set to infinite.

My computer is under spec, so that may be the issue. But ran in to trouble between 180+

That happen to me too a few times. I just thought maybe I did something that shouldn’t have been done with the level bp.

NO, it would appear that even on infinite that they disappear. I had some go at 5-6 if I waited ling enough to put another lot down.

Might be a bug, or a setting in world/project setting.

Looks like I am not too much help, but it does appear not to affect the FPS from my end.


Have asked this, if they answer you might have your answer



Yea I just check and my FPS is not getting hit hard. Only when it’s a lot and I’m very close to the mesh it goes down but nothing crazy. Thanks anyway.


In this thread, you’ll find a project where you can draw on a board. Maybe what you are looking at :