How to paint grass evenly ?

So it seems that if i try to paint grass at a fair density (say in a town area around buildings and such), there is always too much overlap where the foliage tool circle crosses over previous placed grass , or it leaves uneven and bald spots in some places . Is there a way (with the foliage tool circle), to place grass evenly where the circle rides next to or over where one has already placed grass? thanks

No. Place liberally with the errors, then select the proper tool with the proper grass selection and the Reapply option in order to affect changes and have it all be even.

Ok , thanks , i will try it that way. So without starting a new thread, when it comes to early Z pass , does it matter at what point one enables it? I mean if it is enabled before foliaige is laid out , or some point after some foliage is laid out ? or after all foliage is done? thanks

Rendering changes regardless of what you lay down and when…

So your saying it don’t matter when you turn on early Z pass?

Correct. All that early Z pass does is change at which point along the rendering pipeline the alpha is computed.

Obviously this doesn’t affect affect how grass or anything else is placed in a level.

So does early Z pass work in 4.22? It seemed there is not much difference , but now i turned it off and it is compiling 85,000 shaders , so it must be doing something. Also does it matter if it is set to opaque and masked meshes or decide automatically? I have a lot of foliage. thanks for help

The answer to that is “it depends entierly on application”.
if you are only making a PC game, then yes you may benefit form early Zpass if you use improper foliage assets.
Things with much. Much overdraw. Unlike almost all modern grass/foliage including those provided by Quixel.

While the benefit may dim or become completely insignificant if the tris count is elevated enough, which is common with proper assets…

If you intend to build for a specific platform, you may want to check on how the option affects the build for that platform. It could have adverse effects.