How to package the environment for the Oculus VR to run on my computer?

Can you please help with a hint of how can I export / package my created one level FPS environment in UE 4.10 or 4.17 as a VR runnable file for Oculus? (windows)

Maybe somebody knows a good tutorial or a keyword I should search for??
( I know how to package to windows exe file but somehow could’t find this on youtube tutorials…)


It’s actually quite straightforward. The only difference respect to running the experience in the Editor is that you have to explicitly enable the stereo mode for the HMD once you are ready to transition to VR.

Just use the Enable HMD node and tick the Enable input (Enable HMD | Unreal Engine Documentation). If you want to be in VR from the very beginning, just link it to the Begin Play event of your level.

Give it a try and ask again in case of issues.

You can also click the “Start in VR” checkbox in the project settings (just search for “vr” at the top, and have “all settings” selected on the left. This will default the packaged builds to start in VR.

Thanks a lot vr_marco and Lhorkan! I clicked “Start in VR” and the package runs in VR automatically!

Thanks a bunch - same thing helped me out!

Thanks a lot vr_marco and speLhorkan!