How to package content properties based on custom-made config file?


I try to package a project as HTML5 to make it lauchable via the browser (e.g. Chrome) on a win10 computer. My project reflects a human spatial memory task made for research in which objects have to be collected and replaced at specific locations in an simple arena. These objects, its location, scale and rotation properties are pre-set for several trials and defined in an .ini-file stored in the projects config folder.

I packaged the project as HTML5 without getting any errors. As part of the subsequent launching process (Chrome), i got this Warning msg:

LogPlayLevel: Warning: WARNING: The config file 'Project/Config/DefaultProjectMaster.ini' will be staged, but is not whitelisted or blacklisted. Add +WhitelistConfigFiles=Project/Config/DefaultProjectMaster.ini or +BlacklistConfigFiles=Project/Config/DefaultProjectMaster.ini to the [Staging] section of DefaultGame.ini.

As a consequence, I included

[Staging] +WhitelistConfigFiles=Project/Config/DefaultProjectMaster.ini

in Project/Config/DefaultGame.ini and restarted the packaging process all over.

Although the task is launching (one can navigate the arena and start the task via button press), there is still no object appearing within the arena, possibly indicating some problem with reading out infos from DefaultProjectMaster.ini during packaging (?).

My question: How can information based on my “custom” .ini-file be packaged correctly?

I highly appreciate every hint or comment.

Please note, that I a very new to both UE4 and C++. This is my very first project.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, I have the same issue, did you figure something out?
Kind regards.

After that go to Platform → The device you’re going to build on → Cook Content.
Then it will fix.

Hope this is helpful.

Hi, I work on a Windows project and encountered the same issue.

The way I solve it was adding these [Staging] +AllowedConfigFiles=LOT/Config/DefaultLOT.ini below GeneralProjectSettings section.