How to package a C++ based project for marketplace

So for the past few weeks I’ve been working on a simple easy to use dialogue system. I made a custom C++ Character and based all my blueprints off that C++ class. So how do I package this? Do I have make a code plugin that calls my character code some how? Or do I just zip up the project with the source file’s and post in the code plugin section?

You can add content to code plugins as well. You just have to create a content folder for your plugin, you can choose to create one when setting up your plugin in the setup wizard, or you can add the content folder manually to the plugin’s directory and add "CanContainContent": true, to the plugin’s .uplugin file.

You can now migrate any blueprints or assets from your project into the plugin.

For c++ classes you can move them into your plugin’s source folder. You will probably need to do a bit of refactoring to get things hooked up correctly.

The wiki also has a few tips on migrating c++:

Hey thanks for the reply another quick mini question am assuming I gotta to package the plugin only when I try to I get this error

D:/Programing Projects/GitHub/Simple Dialogue System/Build/SimpleDialogueSystem/HostProject/Plugins/SimpleDialogueSystem/Source/SimpleDialogueSystem/Public/Super_NPC.h(52) : LogCompile: Error: An explicit Category specifier is required for any property

What specifier do I need?

Not 100% sure but you may need something like UPROPERTY(Category="SomeCategory") for your class’ properties.

Ya that was the issue added category fixed that error