How to package 32bit exe file with 32bit dll and lib?

I have developed that makes mp4 file while it is playing.
In here, I imported ffmpeg 32bit dll and lib files to make exe file with 32bit.

But this is the error.
1> [1/1] link.exe Recording-Win32-Shipping.exe
1>avutil.lib(drtfbs00147.o) : error LNK2026: module unsafe for SAFESEH image.
1>avutil.lib(drtfbs00148.o) : error LNK2026: module unsafe for SAFESEH image.

I have maked the exe file with 64 bit already.
Is it possible to import 32 bit dll and lib file in c++ of unreal engine?

If you have the experience, please help me.

So you want to use 32bit dll in a 64 bit application?

I’m not an expert. But it’s my understanding that you will have to load your 32bit code into a separate 32bit process and then use IPC to communicate. Ouch!