How to overlay a material on top of another material?

I want to dynamically highlight a certain actor in my game. That could be any actor using any material. I would like to achieve this highlighting by adding a semi-transparent color to the existing actor material, so that one can see the original material through that colored semi-transparent “overlay”. (But I don’t want to modify all the existing materials to change them via parameters at runtime or something like that.)

Is there any way to achieve this, so to lay a material on top of another material? I tried to experiment with “Material overrides” of a static mesh in one of my actors, but that didn’t work out.

The way I’ve seen this done most effectively was the Unreal Studio Product Viewer. They use a series of blueprints and a material in the post-processing volumes that acts as the highlight. Definitely have a look into the Product Viewer and have a look at that. I think that’s exactly what you’re looking for. There is also videos like this that are quick and easy to get you started: - hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, but unfortunately that is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to outline an object/actor, but I want to “tint” it. I want the whole actor to become red for example.

Use the same principle but make the material slightly translucent rather than an outlined material.