How to organize my World Outliner when trying to create different scenes?

I am trying to create 9 different lighting scenes in a standard box-like room for VR experimentation purposes using an HTC Vive. I have multiple static lights in each scene. Between scenes, color temperature and light intensity will be varied. I am trying to figure out the following:

  1. Should each scene be a different level and then switch between levels to present each scene?
  2. If yes, how to set up level streaming and blueprints to do switch scenes at the click of a key (say, space-bar)?
  3. I have used a 3rdPersonCharacter template as the character. Or should I just use a Camera to achieve the same?

Overall, I am struggling to organize all the actors and elements that I have in this ArchVis experience. Any suggestions to help simplify would be greatly appreciated!



What you’re looking for is Lighting scenario:

Basically you’ll have a main level with your assets that are going to be in every scenario and you’ll have 9 levels (lighting scenarios) with the specific lightings!

In a blueprint (you should check out a quick streaming level tutorial) you can set what you want: on what action what scenario to load and set visible!

You can use 3rd person but you should have him in your main level (to have it in all scenarios)
To organize… I use folders… or you can group things too…

Thank you! That was really helpful!