How to open from Autosave?

Ok so urgent problem, I some how lost my most recent work in between home and school. I have some autosaves that have a lot of my work saved on them. This project is due in class on Wednesday!

I looked for hours and couldn’t find the answer anywhere, So I’m finally here asking! How can I open the map from an Autosave? Every time I double click it, the prompt window says “Failed to open descriptor file C:/Program files…etc”

Is there something I’m missing?
The location of the file is Save>AutoSaves>Game>Maps>“The then file name”


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Moved your thread.

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  1. move the uasset and umap files from the autosave folder into the content folder
  2. now you should see the stuff in the content browser
  3. go to open map - choose the map in the content folder :slight_smile:

Thank you!! :smiley:

How can I restore a backup file or autosave file? Every time I try to open a map like that it crashes the editor.

So when you open the autosave file it crashes the engine? -> post your crash log and make sure to post it on answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine/ :slight_smile:

Old thread I know, but relevant.

I’m having the same problem, & there are no uasset files anywhere, just umap, so now what ? :wink:


i have the exact same problem … found a solution to the missing uasset file ?

Backup in UE4 doesn’t work at all and Epic don’t care about it.

Okay so at first I was annoyed that mine wasn’t working, but I found a way. You need to copy the map and the build data, and then rather than double-clicking you need to open them manually e.g. with “File > Open Level”. That’s what mostly works for me anyway.

I very rarely comment but losing my work a few days from deadline makes me feel a little hurt, and now having a backup open makes me feel very relieved.
I can’t guarantee it’ll work, for anyone coming across this thread after Googling like I did, since a few of my map backups appear unusable.



I accidently saved over one of my maps, and manually opening the backup map rather than double clicking worked for me.

You just saved me a TON of grief.

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Still relevant & a life saver in 2020!

Unreal hung & I had to kill the process, but copying the map & build data into Content, then opening manually saved my level.

Thanks all!

Am literally all smiles right now…

Still very much relevant in 2021…

Copied Autosave to Content folder… took a while to open, but it did using FIle > Open Level

Y’all rock.

You have no idea how much I love you right now even though I don’t even know you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

OMG you saved me so much time and work THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

in the project settings under the “saving and loading” section on the left make sure “save content” is checked, then it should save your content as “uasset” then you will just have to go into the file explorer and copy or move the files into your current projects content folder (where ever you want them as long as theyre in the content folder) and theyll appear in your content browser im sorry, as far as you uassets not showing up im afradi thats because you might not have had that option set as true and as far as i know im pretty sure they may be lost.

Hi, im having a similar issue. Upon opening one of my ‘Saves’, Unreal crashes (here is the crash dump files - Can anyone help?

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Not the most efficient but good :confused::smiling_face: