how to open a drawer using vive controllers?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to pull a drawer using vive controllers. The drawer is supposed to follow along the hand component when I’m pressing the controller button.
Here’s an example of what I want to make:

I found a blueprint from UE4 answerhub and did the same to my project, but the drawer can’t be moved at all.
Here’s a screenshot of my blueprint:

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?
I’ll very much appreciate if someone can help me.

Hey! I’ve had the same issue a couple of days ago. I found this that helped me fixing it:

It’s not a drawer but the physics are quite similar. Check that your Static mesh has simulated physics.


Where that event pickup came from ? I cant find it…

Here’s a pretty good tutorial as an introduction to the VR template and how to implement it on your project.