How to NOT connect to dedicated server when testing

Is there a way to start a game in editor, running a dedicated server, but NOT automatically connect to the server? The option to auto connect is only available when running single process, but even unchecking that doesn’t seem to do anything. Even setting my client and server to start on different maps doesn’t prevent the auto connect They both start on the map opened in editor regardless of the map settings. It is frustrating because I have some events in my GameInstance blueprint that I want to happen before the client connects to the server. The connection to the dedicated server seems to happen before any other blueprint even has a chance to fire Event BeginPlay. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

As I now think I understand, the gameMode runs on the 1st client initially until the client actually connects to the dedicated server, after which all blueprints besides gameInstance, are re-initialized. Events like OnPostLogin are always triggered twice. I can disable the initial gameMode functions using the IsDedicatedServer function but I still can’t prevent the initial login to the dedicated server.

I have this problem as well. There is a work around posted in the wiki. If you don’t want to auto-connect, leave out the IP address part in the batch file. I did have to add some C++ code to the project in order for the Find Session node to work in blueprints. The C++ code I added can be found under this wiki under Register Server override. If you need more information or get stuck, please ask and I’ll help the best I can.