How to no reset a variables when Level Reset?

Reset Level and variables reset too
how to no reset a variables when Level Reset?

You can also store the variable in a game instance. Information stored in game instances are maintained even through level changes and resets. you can find more about game instances here.

GameInstance is a class that which state persists switching of levels, game mode switches etc. where classes like GameMode or PlayerController are being reset and any data stored in them is deleted and put to defaults again. (this is what happens to you when you reset the level) Any data that you want to keep beyond levels and matches, for example “what player did in specific moment so you can have consequence on other level” should be placed here. (that means that the variable that you want to save can be stored here ıf you dont want it to reset)

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You can save those variables on a SaveGame object

Everytime you restart the level you can Load Game from Slot

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