How to move this material in Y axis?

I tried using panner node to move this texture but it is showing float2 to float3 error how can i resolve it and
also i want to apply different color to each step separately

Can Anyone help me to solve this?

Do you just need 4 colors? Are the colors static or do you want to change them at runtime?

Hi Those colors are static i won’t change them in runtime but the thing is i can’t use texture i need to do in unreal itself
Like i mentioned these are color2,color3 and color4

I got tried something and now i am able to scroll material as i want this is the material i connected

My suggestion includes creating a material with 1 to 7 colors, bake this material to a render target, create a material from this render target and then move this material with a panner. That includes some extra steps but I can post it if you are interested.

  1. Create a material with these settings

  1. Create a RenderTarget2D with RightClick => Materials&Textures => RenderTarget (double click it to change the resolution to 512x512 or 1024x1024)
  2. Create a blueprint of type actor with the following in EventGraph

  1. And this in the construction script


  1. When you now place this blueprint in your level (just for baking) you can select it and place your material and your
    render target in the DetailsPanel


  1. When you have done that, move the blueprint actor just a little bit in your level to run the ConstructionScript.
  2. RightClick on your RenderTarget => Create Material
  3. Inside this material create a Panner node and plug this into the TextureSample

  1. Set the SpeedY in the Panner node to 0,1 or something
  2. Apply the material to anything in your level

It will be very helpful if you posted

Awesome man Thank you so much :smiley: