How to move the characters c++ class


I have a third person project, i created the character from scratch and making progress. Then i had to change the character, i replaced sk_mannequin to my meta human character with control rig. so my new character is metahuman but i can’t access to my original characters c++ class. i tried to rename metahuman character to my characters name. i added “1” to my original character and renamed metahuman blueprint to original characters original name, then i tried to move the metahuman blueprint to my original characters folder. then that warning came = "you cant rename “xx” because its already a class named “xx”. i don’t want to recreate what i did last couple months. can’t i just drop down the c++ class to the new character like unity?

You can select your c++ class as the parent class in your BP. Look for Parent Class in Class Settings.
If that’s what you mean.


i basicly change the mannequin with my metahuman. so the animations in the parent class of mannequin, i afraid that if i change that class i cant access to the animations right? i’m very new to unreal engine.

i did what you said, and it’s kinda worked but little awkward, my character has higher ground like obi-wan kenobi… and walking animations are the opposite