How to move object in one axis?

Hi guys,
to be honest i didnt know where to post this question(animation, blueprint, VR).
How can i move object with controller in just one axis. I tried using pick up system and feed object with location i got from controller-but its not working. Object jumps to nowhere after triggering event.
Whats is best way to do this in VR?
What about sequencer?

Im trying to make Engine and use “hands” to move different parts of engine. It will be best that parts of engine move smoothly (something like in The Lab game- )

Can anyone help me please?
Thank you for any response

Im using UE 4.15.2 and HTC VIVE

You need to project controller movement to this axis and manuallty update location of the object (don’t attach it to controller).

Thanks a lot!! its done

Hi, Vochal, i am the same problem,help me, how resolved this problem. Can you show me the Blueprint implementation? Thanks a lot.

you can use something like this (locked X, Z)…tch?id=1367669