How to move character from point A to B in steady movement and speed? (GearVR)


I am building for GearVR with blueprints, and trying to emulate the locomotion solution that is used in Land’s End. Here is a gameplay video of what I’m aiming at: [Land's End gameplay on GearVR (first impressions) - YouTube][1]

So, this should be simple: the user looks at the direction of a ‘point’ in the scene, this triggers it (with a delay of aprox 2 seconds), then the Character slowly and steadily moves to that direction.

What I am trying so far is this:
The Hit Actor of the Line Trace from the HMD goes to a Switch on Name node, which then sets the vector variable NextPosition according to the name of the ‘point’ the user is looking at.
This flows into a Timeline which updates the Character location with a SetActorLocation node, as seen in the following screen:


This is working, the Character does move to the provided position, but the movement is not steady. Also, the speed the character moves is not predictable, sometimes it will move slowly, other times really fast, I think it depends on the distance between the character and the point the user is looking at.

What I need is steady movement and steady speed, no matter the distance between point A and B. How can I achieve this?

On the other hand, how would I apply a delay from the moment the user looks at the point and the character starts moving? (please see the above video which shows exactly what I’m striving for)

Thank for your help!

Remove Timeline and use a VInterpTo function (attached to a Tick or Timeline looping):

Pen attention to the Delta Time input; if using a Tick you can simply pin the Tick’s delta to it.

Is this what you mean?:

I actually removed the Lerp function (instead of the Timeline as you suggested), and replace it with the VInterpTo function. I wouldn’t know where to place it otherwise.

Not sure if I understood correctly…

No, use either a tick event or a timeline to update the VInterpTo; you dont have to use both.

Thanks, this worked!

It is not a steady speed (it slows down a bit near the end of the movement) BUT I don’t really care, it feels smooth.

This is how it looks now: