How to move character along grid of TArray?

I am making tactics rpg game like a XCOM2.
I have a character possessed by PlayerAIController. and made the pathfinding using A* algorithm.
but I can’t move like XCOM2.
When I ues MoveToLocation, AIMoveTo,MoveToActor is not correctly.
and I want to move along grid of TArray.

p.s. I made a Path of TArray. It’s well working.

If you dont want to use MoveTo functions you need to make moving mechanism for your own. Compile point coordinates (in world coordinates) where path changes direction based on you array grid path, then use tick event to move actor along the path with animation on along those points, make event when actor finished moving to destination. It will probably require a lot of fine tuning and low level stuff like change heights and stuff, as you will be overriding standard movement system, if you make multiplayer you will need to make some replication system coding to makes things synced.

If you want to do any custom movement physics system, use Tick event, it is event made to update actor to new state on next frame, it even that put everything in motion in the engine.

This is exactly it. Also, there is a game project that you can download, called Turn Based Strategy for free in the marketplace. It shows a lot of examples you might want. Why don’t you download it, and crack open the information there, too?