How to morph hand into gun?

Hey guys I’m trying to create a character that morphs its hand/arm into guns. I tried doing it in blender but it didn’t work so I’m wondering if there’s any way to do it in UE4 by using 2 meshes or anything. I have no idea how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated whether any tutorial links or ideas you might have. Thank you.

Well, to be honest all I can think of is just copying your mesh and taking the hands off. Then you can make a variable where it attaches the guns to various sockets you make in the skeleton tree. You can add a particle effect so while your character is changing meshes, it doesn’t look weird and jump. I don’t know how to change the character mesh in real time, but im sure its possible.

actually you could just add the hands as a mesh seperately, that could actually work. You’d have to redo all the animations though. but that’s only if you can’t switch between meshes. Don’t trust me though I’ve only been on UE4 a week.

If you really want it to morph and you need the effect to be visible and holding up in slomo or close-up then you need to work with shape keys.

You can add a new shape key to your character model and as long as that’s selected, you can deform the vertices of the hand into the shape of the weapon. If the hand doesn’t have enough vertices, you can add more, but that should be done before you start. You can set up multiple shape keys if the hand morphs into different weapons.

I have a tutorial for you:

Once its morphed just have a second player model and switch it out

Mesh Swap Technique
using Morph Particles

using Point Cloud