How to montage?

I see there are like montages for half the animations but they all contain just one track. So why use montages? Also I cannot find a single elaborate tutorial on animation montage which can explain what is what and how.

It says that to use slots you need to have all animations in slot of same length, but that’s an extremely rare case. A typical humanoid will take more time to reload proned than reloading standing. That doesn’t make enough sense to me.

you can find slot nodes all over the shootergame anim blueprints but they don’t have any self explanatory info.

Then also only one montage can be played at a time.

Can anyone point me to a proper tutorial which explains montages in detail? because the whole montage feature appears to be very ineffective and need less addition to the engine from its current documentation

I already answered most of your questions in your other Question.

Have you really watched this tutorial?

Montages aren't that hard to understand and the docs are enough to understand what you can do with them and why the ShooterGame uses them.

Hi, I have watched that tutorial and read the docs and I am still confused. I’m trying to create two different slots so I can load two different sets of animations into them, or at least put the same animations in a different order. I’m trying to make a body slot and a face slot. But for some reason when I switch between slots in the montage, nothing seems to change between the two. I don’t understand how to utilize this to it’s maximum potential and usefulness. What am I doing wrong?

Also, what other question of his were you referring to? Could you possibly link me to it so I can read it?

Hi alexander. To be able to play any slot of the montage you should have a slot node of the same name in your animation blueprint. You would usually use a switch on bool node to switch between two slots in anim blueprint

Hope this helps