how to modify particle effects for rpg style skill effects/animations

Hi all!

My first post and a fyi a complete novice to ue4 blueprints and udk in general. I have several notes I’d like to cover in regards to this. Before I begin I’d like to mention that the stock particle fx are mostly obtained from ue4 marketplace.
So the questions being:

  1. Character buffs without the use of weapons where the origin of the particle begins from the character mesh. Several key animations would be- particle expanding/contracting, particle fade in/fade out (an opacity setting), particle rotation.

  2. Particle effects where the origin is attached to the weapon equipped. Several key animations would be- If a character does a slash with a sword, how to make an arc like effect that emphasizes the swing of the sword with an opacity setting that fades in/out as the swing animation starts and ends.

I have Blender as my external modelling software. Would I need to export the particle fx to blender and animate the effects that way? Or can it be done within the ue4 editor? Much help needed and thanks in advance!!

Best Regards.