How To Modify Navmesh Settings For 4.13 VR Template?

In the 4.13 VR template room scale map, how do I alter nav mesh settings for the Motion Controller Pawn so I can teleport to higher up planes, such as on top of the box that has all the grabbable cubes?

The behavior in my map matches the green navmesh areas, but I don’t see how to alter the navmesh settings like Max Step Height and Max Slope:
-the VR Pawn doesn’t seem to have its own step height and slope settings
-changing those in Project Settings -> Navigation Mesh has no effect on the navmesh

I want to teleport high, low and onto ramps, so I:

  • removed all the navmesh modifier volumes
  • angled 1 of the large boxes into a < 45 degree ramp, and removed the NavMeshModifier that was in the same spot, and now the ramp is green and I can teleport onto it. If I alter the slope to be > 45 degrees, its no longer a valid destination.
  • used a subtractive brush to make a depression in the floor lower than “ground level” and teleport in and out of that.

In the Blueprints’s, MotionControllerPawn checks MotionController’s isValidTeleportDestination boolean, which is set by BPMotionController -> TraceTeleportDestination, which includes this comment “Check if project to navmesh worked, otherwise we treat it as a invalid destination (eg. too far outside of navmesh to find viable location)”

This is my 1st month with Unreal, so I assume I’m missing something obvious. Thanks

I am starting to look at teleportation and running into a problem or two. It must be said that I am a newcomer to UE, so to get as far as I have its been largely through trial and error (more error than not!) and trawling through forums and youtube videos. Its been a hard slog.

I have managed to use the Virtual Relaity template in UE4.13 and create a new level (a box for a floor and a 2.5m cube in the space for something to navigate around). Somehow (!) I have managed to get this working with the MotionControllers (the grabbing hands) and the teleport functionality. Cool!

However, now I want to be able to teleport onto the top of the box in the middle of my scene. I edited the NavMesh by splitting edges and extruding the centre face so that it sits on top of the box. Packaging up the project partially works, but my character doesn’t move up onto the top of the box. Instead, I can sort of ‘embed’ myself in the 2.5m cube.

Here is a screengrab:-

Any help would be appreciated.

I solved my OP issue.

My NavMeshBounds didn’t extend along the Z axis to cover my lower and higher areas. I solved by extending the NavMeshBounds hugely along Z, so it exceeded the floor and ceiling. Now I can teleport to every elevation in the bounds.

From the image, it looks like your bounds is even with the box top. Suggest scaling it to be well above the top. Hope this helps.

Thanks Guyal - your suggestion of scaling in the Z seems to have helped.

More details in this video Unreal 4.13 VR Tutorial - Teleporting to Different Heights - YouTube

See also the “RecastNavmesh” object that should appear in your Map’s World Outliner window in the Editor.

This vid uses a different method, editing the BP to ignore the NavMesh entirely Enhanced Teleporting with Unreal Engine 4.13 VR Template - YouTube