How to mimic Portal's Lighting?

Hey! I’m making a game that use chambers just like Portal.

I’d like to know how can I mimic portal’s lightning (even without any light sources, everything still visible)

I tried auto exposure, but it was no good :frowning:

I created my level on Portal (using portal blueprint creator) without any light source, and I’d like to apply the very same lighting settings to my scene. My scene is exactly as shown in the portal print (since I rebuild it with the test chamber creator)

[Here is the print] (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

the lighting in the portal screenshot, for lack of a better word, looks fake. UE4 tends to be more realistic so it may not be possible to completely replicate that. you could get a light free result by using unlit materials. there also appears to be fog in the screenshot and UE4 does have fog options.

Check materialfrom this example project. It uses fake lightning with light vector from Z.

I’ll download and check into it!

Still, for the purpose of my game, the light can be fake, but how can I replicate this “fake light” light?

In the project, there was no lightning. I don’t want to recreate portals, just the light settings.

Yes, because its fake. Character and PhysicsIbjects use special material with fake lightning setup. It uses Z up vector to define fake light direction.