How to match clothing to character pose


I have been trying to figure out the best workflow to get modular armor working with my character. I am not the best at blender so I purchased a few outfits. The pose on the outfits do not match the pose on my character. I have blender but I am not skilled enough to know how to move the arms into position without messing up the outfit. I also have CC3 if that would help in any way.

  1. is there a good program to make it easier to import cloth fbx and the character to easly get them lined up and skinned? I think this is not the case but wanted to ask.

  2. Can you please explain the best workflow. I know I need to learn blender (or MayaLT if its easier) but I have already done the donut tutorial and muddled my way enough to make basic objects in blender but have no desire to really become a complete modeler unless it is absolutely necessary. Can you please recommend some videos or techniques/workflows for how I need to tackle getting the clothing/armor I buy to match up with the poses of my basecharacter?

Hopefully this makes since. Thanks in advice for any help you guys can provide!

P.S. if needed I am trying to make armor modular in the future so I need to be able to add several pcs of armor.

Basically you use the same skeleton with your cloth as with your character. So you can share the same Animation Blueprint. For setting the Skeleton follow this tutorial. It is very basic but a good start…