How to match animation with timeline length

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to set up a walk-animation with the length of a timeline, but i can’t find a good way to do so.
My character is a little mouse (walking on two feets) and my “movement” is based on SetWorldLocationAndRotation. It moves 100 Units per direction (WASD) on a length of 0.39 right now. When the button is held down, the mouse continues its movement, when released it stops and an idle-animation is played. So i’m trying to display this “fake-movement” with a smooth walk-animation.
If i understand it correctly: length 1 on a timeline is 1 second, right? So if my animation framerate is set to 30FPS i would need an animation of 30 frames and if the length is set to 0.39 i would need an animation with only 11.7 frames or at least speed up my animation until it matches the 0.39 lenght?

But i can’t set it up smooth enough, so that it matches… My mouse has a step width of 25 units, so she would need 4 steps für the 100 units. Right now i have an animation of 4 steps made of 54 frames. But no matter how fast i set the playback rate, trying to match the timeline length and it stutters while walking every 100 units…
So any ideas on how i can do this properly?

Thanks in advanced!

There are a bunch of movement settings in the character blueprint if you select character movement, and also animation blueprint so you can get your animation to match your characters speed.
You can also set world direction axis in movement input and put some logic into the float scale for your animations, and movement.
Its also easy to have different animation transitions for walk to run, and idle in your state machine. You can do a lot of different clever things.
If your animation is looping it can be 10 frames, or 100. It’s going to loop. Using blendspaces, and transitions can smooth things a lot.