How to make widgets to follow actors?

I was trying to put health bars (widget) over my targets (actors) in screen space. The other parts are fine, but the positions of the health bars are completely wrong and seems random.

the way I did it is shown below, followed an online tutorial:

the camera is set to “perspective” and resolution scale is set to “100%”

I believe the problem comes from the “project world location to widget position” function. I have tried the “convert world location to screen location” function as well, but none of them worked. Could anybody help me?

Thank you very much!

It probably seems all over the place because it’s not centered, if you don’t change widget’s Render Transform or Pivot then Set Render Transform aligns widget’s top left corner (0,0) with argument Translation.

I created First Person Project and added a simple widget (button at position 0,0) and an actor, here’s this actor’s graph:

basically it’s the same as yours but the widget is centered