How to make weapon glow effects?


I would like to get some advice. Lineage 2 is based on Unreal and I don’t know how they made this awesome glow.

First thing I can’t figur out is the shiny cloud looks like this:


My result trying it:


I watched some particle system tutorials and saw that particles are in 2D but on this video it looks like the small particles effects and flashes are in 3D.
I am little confused ^^

My questions: How to make

*- A shiny cloud (Image)

  • 3D particle effects (Video)*

If anyone could give me a little help or advice or Links/Tutorials I would be very grateful. :slight_smile:

There is most likely a mesh wrapped around that bow like a shell with a semi transparent material, clever use of alphas, plus some particles.

Lineage uses Particle effects and on low res modes transprent shells/alphas like VRLtqq mentioned. I think on the highest settings it’s for most weapons all particles with a outter layer that is used for glow edge on the texture kind like imissive I believe. Been forever since I looked at the weapon models though I know it runs on a modded UE2 unless they changed it.

4 of several ways:

  1. the material of the weapon itself is replaced by one with e.g. glowing (emitting colour) rune letters
  2. the outline of the weapon is a low-poly mesh with invisible material just the glowing edge line is visible
  3. you can add several smaller lights (0 light source radius) attached to the weapon for a general glow and also light-effect on other objects
  4. the 3 particles/swarms are emitters, check out cascade sci-fi effects or magic effects.