How to make vr pawn to follow a third person character

Hi. Looking everywhere but not luck. Does anyone know how o make vr pawn to follow a third person character same like Astro bot. So far I have a teleport system like Trevor saves the Universe but looking for more like astro bot
Thank you in advance

I am not familiar with the game, but from the video you linked it seems that the VR pawn is moving from area to area depending on where the little character is.

You can define some zones (using spheres or boxes) and then associate an observer position to each one, placing the VR pawn there. Once the character moves from one zone to another, you can move the VR pawn to the observer position of the new zone. You can also use splines as transition path from one zone to the other, but this is slightly more complicated as you will need to implement a path following mechanism.

Hope this helps!

Hi VR_marco.Thank you for your advice .You are right the Vr pawn or camera moves once the little character has cross certain distant it just follows straight. For me is like the character is a child of the camera that only moves with a delay. I am really struggling to make use of this do you know a tutorial that I can follow? Thanks
BTW I am looking at your youtube channel at the moment great tutos

Sorry I don’t know any tutorial on this specific topic, but all you need is to determine the target location where to move to and, once you need to move, On Tick you can move your VR player a small step toward that location until you have reached it. You can use SetActorLocation for that. VInterp may also be helpful as it allows you to define the small step I mentioned.