How to make the teleport mark

Hello guys,I would like to know how to make the teleport mark, like the make just in <The Lab> or <Steamvr Home>.Is there any plugin for it or something else?The mark seem to be calculated by the static mesh automatically.

If I’m not mistaken, the two uses somewhat different markers. Which features do you in your marker? And when you say “calculated by the static mesh automatically”, do you mean the area you can teleport to?

There is as far as I know no plugin, but the official VR template got a pretty good teleportation system with automatic target area generation.

Sorry for my terrible english.And yes, i mean “the area you can teleport to”.
So, Where can i find the official VR template?
I have already found an example in here:
But it obviously not the official one.
And the “Mark” which i am talking about is in here(The green teleport area):

Start a new project and select the VR template. There is some useful info about the template here: