How to make the Stage rotation system from Super Monkey Ball.

Hello, i started creating a “Super Monkey Ball 1/2” Alternative.
There is also a “simillar” game for PC, its called Neverball.

In super monkey ball, the character is inside a ball affected by the physic, but you dont move the ball, you make the entire level rotating (With the joystick).

The complex point is, the rotation pivot/origin cannot be static, it might be at the ball location, constantly.

I comming from blender 3D BGE, so with many hours and hours spend, this looks impossible to do in blender.

If you need any informations, please tell me.

Sorry for my english, im from france.

Have a nice day!

Hi Hack0re !
I would also be very interested in this kind of topic. Do you want to make a game that is an non official Super Monkey Ball game or do you just want to recreate the player “movement” ?
Maybe I could join the project to help you? I am very good at making soundtracks and also like to build maps in UE4.
I would also recommend you to change to Unreal Engine because with the 4.26 build it received many new cool features.

Leon Vorauer (i am from austria)

Hi, im trying to learn ue4 4.26 but i need some practice.
This project is not dead, but im trying to make a entire game myself from textures to map and animations…
Its easy to take already existing models, but its way cooler to make everything from a to z.
I have also learned that monkey ball is just a rolling ball with camera rotation , the entire level doesnt really move.

Yeah, it dosen’t. I wish you the best luck on your adventure :slight_smile:

Thank you, best luck for you too, you can also find me on my youtube channel named IHPU0.
Have a nice day