How To Make The FPS Weapon Shoot Like Auto Mode in C++

**Hello xD , Hope Your XMAS Was Great. So im with this one problem i thought it would be ez but it dosent looks like it now xD, So in the fps project default unreal has provided us you have the crosshair wrong( i dont know why(its not centered)) and the weapon only shoots at semi(when you press it shoots a projectile at once) what im here today begging guys is a tip/help on how to make a full auto system to shote automatic(shoot nonstop when pressed) i try but i dont seem to get it right well hope you can xD

Bye Thx For Reading and have a nice week xD


Hey Roberte5466-

Looking at the code for the default first person template, the firing of the projectile is controlled with the OnFire function inside Character.cpp. The easiest solution would be to set a timer when “fire” is pressed to call OnFire and then reset the timer when released “fire” is released.


Doug Wilson

i cant find the class in C++

If you create a new code based First Person Template project, you can open the project’s solution file (.sln). In the project hierarchy, you should find [ProjectName]Character.cpp