How to make texture more translucent at edges?

Alright, so I know how to make a texture translucent, but I don’t know how to make it have this very specific property I want that’s kind of hard to describe. I think this property is normally observed in liquids that have particles of stuff mixed in with them, like seawater or jelly. I’m going to call it “cloudiness”. Basically it’s the property of being translucent at tiny widths but opaque at larger widths. For example, real clouds are “cloudy” because their transparency changes depending on how far the light has to travel through them. (big clouds are darker and more opaque than small clouds,) If you had a solid cube of cloud, the center would appear just a little darker than the edges because the light had to travel farther through the center. I want to try and create this effect with a material.

So is there a material property (or combination of them) I can change to do this? Or am I making no sense?

depth fade node and fresnel will do exactly what you want for flat surfaces, might need tweaking for more complex stuff